A Woman Posted A Video Of Her Pointing A Gun On Her Head, Temptations Came Along The Way but God Always Hold

The world is full of temptations that we can’t resist at times. Human as we have strengths and weaknesses. In times of despair and disappointment, the enemy is trying to conquer us for this is the time that we lack the strength to fight them.

God created the heaven and the earth, all living creatures including a man and a woman. They were given everything that they need in life until the enemy offered them something that they couldn’t resist. We need to determine the good and the bad in order for us to keep our faith burning.

The evil sends tons of temptations for us to go wrong and choose a different path away from the Lord. Temptations could be in the form of material things or it could also be physical and emotional. Satan will always try to conquer our lives and so is the Lord.

Whatever tests that life may bring to weaken our faith in God, always pray for Him to help you and redeem you by His mighty power. The Lord is good that He will never ever let the enemy conquer the lives of His children. The enemy might entice you with earthly treasures but surely the Lord will find His way back to you.

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