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An Angel Is Seen In The Sky Above A Helicopter After Patient Passes Away, According To Witnesses

A camera seems to have caught an angel in the sky as a helicopter that has a patient who recently passed away.

People around the world have seen the video and there are varying options. Some viewers commented:

“The soul leaves the body at death, also the Bible says, as sure as you have an earthly body, at death you’ll take on a spiritual body….and this is it leaving the physical body.”

“Wow, praise God. He is real.”

Many people report angel sightings after a person dies. From loved ones, doctors, nurses, and rescue forces say they see forms of angels.

In the video, the camera records an angel rising with the helicopter. While some people dismiss angels appearing on deathbeds as a hallucination, this video is one proof that angels are everywhere! In the Bible, Jesus tells a story about a poor man and a rich man where the poor man, Lazarus, was taken to Abraham’s bosson by angels. (Luke 16:22)

In the video, it can be seen that as the helicopter is slowly ascending, a bright light underneath it is showing and then suddenly a figure that resembles an angel shows.

This led some people to believe that it was an actual angel showing that they are taking the person home. Still, others say that the image was formed because of some distortion in the atmosphere caused by the rapid spinning of the helicopter blades.

In the Bible, we see some evidence that angels can go to earth to minister unto the saints. We also know that they are the first created beings whose principal design is to worship God.

Regardless if it was a real angel sighting or not, we are assured that if we put our faith in Jesus, we will be with him at the right time. This video is a reminder and an encouragement that God does not forget those who love Him.

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