Adorable Video of 19-Day-Old Twins Cuddling As They Nap Goes Viral

Almost every parent wanted to capture every milestone of their baby’s development either through video or photography and both Juan Carlos and Juliana Tobon are lucky to video their twins doing something incredible that when they posted it on their Instagram account, it instantly go viral.

Twins, Sofia and Sara were captured holding onto each other as they took a nap. It could be seen in the video how happy they both looked knowing that they are on each other’s side.

They are now toddlers and are still close to each other as they were when they were at just a few weeks old.

Juan and Juliana are both fonds of traveling and while the twins are just toddlers, they were already able to visit Italy, Spain, and Greece. The parents never fail to capture every moment they have with Sofia and Sara and people seem to always love their photos. Currently, their Instagram account called Tobon Twins has more than 20,000 followings.

The video was posted on Unilad Magazine on its video page and it garnered over 133,000 reactions and was watched by over 22 million people all over the world.

People are quick to comment as well how cute the twins are and even continue on to share their experiences with their babies or twins.

Watch the viral video below and see for yourself how adorable Sofia and Sara are.

We hope the girls will stay affectionate to each other as they were when they were both just a little baby. We can’t wait to know what their reaction will be once they grow a little older and watch the viral video of them hugging each other.

Please share the video to anyone you think might enjoy seeing these cute little baby girls.

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