Alert Boy Hailed A Hero as He Helped Save 81-Year-Old Neighbor Lying on the Floor

Not all heroes indeed wear capes. They came in all forms and ages, like Caleb.

Third-grader, Caleb Hunt, heard a groaning noise. When he looked outside his window to see what it was, he was shocked to find his 81-year-old neighbor Sue Watson in pain lying on the garage floor.

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Credit: Carolyn Lewis Elementary Facebook Post

Even though he wasn’t allowed to go out, Caleb ran straight to his neighbor’s house to help her, not to mention that he was barefoot that time.

Upon seeing Sue’s condition, Caleb immediately dashed to his home and told his mom to call 911. Luckily, Sue was brought to the hospital where she had surgery. She had dislocated her shoulder and broken hip bones.

All of them found out Sue felt dizzy and fell flat on the pavement while taking out the garbage.

The day after the incident, Caleb and his sister, Hannah, visited Sue at the hospital. He brought flowers for her and even volunteered to take out the trash for her next time.

Sue’s son said that Caleb is a hero. It was very fortunate that Caleb was there and did the right thing for his mother.

Caleb was very fond of his neighbor because she was nice to him and his sister. She often brings treats for them also.

Caleb’s parents knew that Caleb is always full of love and compassion for others. What he did to his neighbor showed his character.

He said with a grin, “Help someone, even if it means breaking the house rules!”.

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