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Dream Shows All Bowes Down To Sacrifice But God Tells Me He Wants Obedience And Repentance

I’ve been praying to god a lot this week, because I’ve been feeling you know you hear these people teaching the hyper grace gospel, like we’re saved by grace we don’t have to do anything else, Jesus did it all on the cross, you don’t have to transform your life in Christ, and every time I hear these messages, they sound so simple and then I’ll reflect and take a look at myself, because I’m listening to other people rather than just reading what’s in the word, and I’m like, well, God, I’m searching, I’m seeking if I can just live however I want and I’m saved anyway, then what’s the purpose of sin if if Jesus did it all on the cross, and we’re saved by grace, then why do I need to even worry about being a good person, it doesn’t make sense to me.

I just I was praying and seeking, and what God has really shown me in my life is that I’m on the right track when I strive for obedience, and that so many people will only preach the good news of Jesus, but Jesus said go and baptize them in my name, teaching them to obey all I have commanded you, so we’re not supposed to just teach Jesus saves and that’s it, we’re also supposed to teach them to obey all that Jesus has commanded, He didn’t say my commandments, he said all I have commanded, and we’re supposed to be transformed.

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