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High School Wrestling Cham Pins Down Assailant at Gas Station Store, Stops Kidnapping of 3 Children

16-year-old wrestling champion, Canaan Bower, from New Mexico has been hailed a hero after pinning a suspect to the ground until deputies arrived to capture him, preventing the kidnapping of three little children.

Doña Ana County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Daniel Beltran Arroyo, 22, of Phoenix, on Wednesday after witnesses said he tried to kidnap three children at Chucky’s Gas Station in Doa Ana. He is also accused of attacking a number of customers and employees who attempted to intervene.

According to police investigations, Arroyo had no prior connection to the woman or her children.

According to court documents, the mother kicked Arroyo, and the man then punched her in the head. Authorities said the woman fell backwards, landing on top of her 1-year-old son, who was strapped into a carrier on her back. Witnesses testify that he was yelling inside the store saying, “give me the kids.”

Canaan Bower was getting gas for his truck when he noticed the commotion at Chucky’s across the street. Troy Bower, Canaan’s father, said his son quickly realized something wasn’t quite right.

Canaan rushed to the scene. When the wrestling champ had the chance, he body-slammed Beltran-Arroyo to the ground and pinned him down.

Canaan’s mother wrote on social media, “With no regards for his own safety Canaan grabbed the man and threw him to the ground, where he kept him pinned until the police arrived about five minutes later.” 

Canaan’s reaction does not surprise Troy because he has always had a good heart. Canaan very well saved a few lives that day including the lives of the children.

Beltran, who stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 155 pounds, was no match for the huge 6-foot-2, 285-pound high school athlete who had just won the District 3-5A heavyweight championship and later competed in the state competition.

Beltran was charged with battery, assault, child abuse, and kidnapping and remained in jail without bond.

Canaan’s deed is something that anyone with the ability should do. Defend the weak and uphold justice for this is the will of God. Be sure to pass this along to your family members and friends, too.

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