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Amy Grant Talks Christian Faith And Her ‘Love-Hate Relationship’ With Parts of The Bible

In a recent interview, celebrated singer Amy Grant opened up about her faith, reflections on the Bible, and her enduring marriage to Vince Gill. Following a series of health challenges, including open-heart surgery in 2021 and a bicycle accident last summer that led to shoulder and throat surgeries, Grant emphasizes her gratitude for each new day.

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As she prepares to release her latest album, “Lead Me On Live 1989,” featuring tracks from her 1988-89 tour in Ft. Worth, Texas, Grant shares her transformed perspective on life since her health struggles. Expressing that she feels better than ever, Grant attributes her newfound outlook to daily moments of gratitude and connection with the beauty of the earth.

Grant’s morning routine involves expressing thanks, enjoying a cup of coffee, and immersing herself in the Gospels, although she admits to struggling with certain parts of Scripture, especially those in the Old Testament. Despite her reservations, Grant emphasizes her trust in God and the need to navigate the complexities of human involvement in biblical stories.

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Addressing challenging words from Jesus, particularly on the subject of divorce, Grant reflects on her own experience as she and Gill are in their second marriage. She engages in a candid dialogue with Jesus, expressing her struggle to understand why divorce is addressed and ultimately seeking divine guidance and strength to endure.

Recalling a vulnerable moment in the late 1990s when her first marriage was dissolving, Grant shared her story with renowned evangelist Billy Graham during a Crusade in Minneapolis. Graham’s compassionate response offered solace and understanding, and years later, when she and Gill visited Graham backstage at his final crusade in 2005, his words continued to resonate with her.

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Grant expresses deep appreciation for Vince Gill, highlighting his acceptance and unconditional love, qualities that mirror the divine love she believes in. Amidst the divisiveness in American culture, Grant chooses to focus on the timeless message of John 3:16, emphasizing God’s love for all. In sharing her journey, Amy Grant provides a candid and heartfelt exploration of faith, love, and the transformative power of gratitude.

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