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Ten Years Ago, Her Ex Raped Her and Threw Acid on Her Face, Destroy Her Life Almost – but Take A Look at Her Now

A plastic surgeon has told how he used a pioneering technique to rebuild the face of a model and TV presenter who was disfigured by acid.

Piper, a TV presenter, and model had been dating David Lynch for two weeks when he physically and emotionally abused her in a hotel room before raping her in 2008. Two days later he forced her to go to an internet cafe. He hired someone to throw the sulphuric acid in her face when she arrived. Then she bears huge pain both in emotional and physically, everything seem over, life became dark …

But she did not bow to fate, she accept the surgery treatment again and again, and also she started the Katie Piper Foundation which helps burn victims get services they need such as hair restoration, medical tattooing, makeup and camouflage, peer support and scar advice.

Although she suffered a lot, but God’s mercy show on her finally, she also started her family, she meet her husband, and life changed totally! May God bless her and her family all the time!

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