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An Inspiring Version Of Philippians 4:6-9 Will Surely Lift Your Hands In Worship!

Our hearts are often heavy because of all the disappointments and rejections that we encounter. We are sometimes flooded with problems that restrict us from sleeping with peace at night. We worry about things that bring sadness and frustrations forgetting the most powerful weapon which is prayer. God has taught us in His scriptures that we need to stay calm and live like birds flying freely in the sky without worrying about what tomorrow may bring. The darkness seems to overrule our lives and we are being tested of our faith. Be courageous and hold on to your faith for stronger is He who is in us than he who is in this world.

Worshiping God could be in different forms but there is only one goal to achieve. We were given unique talents to use in different areas of the ministry. We can also practice our profession and glorify God at the same time. A doctor can heal the sick and give hope to a person as they may see Christ in you giving them the chance to live longer. A musician can play worship songs and perform in events to spread the message God so that everyone may hear. A teacher can practice teaching during Sunday schools or Bible studies in order for other people to have a quick learning of the word of God. Every profession is designed according to God’s purpose in creating a human.

Worship can be done by anybody in their own simple way. Worship can also be done while you’re reading the Bible. Watch the video presentation below and appreciate the message of God as it talks about God giving us peace in Philippians 4:6-9. Open your heart and lift up your hands in worship as God talks to you in this presentation!

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