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Andrea Bocelli and 10-Year-Old Daughter Sing A Heart Stirring Rendition of ‘Somewhere over The Rainbow’

Renowned vocalist Andrea Bocelli takes joy in nurturing the musical talents of his children, Matteo and Virginia. Positioned beside Virginia, he proudly introduces her as his daughter in a grand music hall filled with an audience seated in every available spot, accompanied by a stage full of musicians ready to complement the singers.

Expressing his happiness, Andrea declares, “Now I’m very pleased that Virginia will perform a song from a new project we did together, along with Matteo. It’s a Christmas songs album, and Virginia will attempt to sing a beautiful song.” Playfully adding, “attempt,” Andrea receives a playful yet sassy look from Virginia, eliciting smiles and laughter from the audience.

Virginia Bocelli on stage with Andrea in Sheffield 2022 (Image: INSTA )

Acknowledging Virginia’s superior English skills, Andrea quips, “Virginia, you speak English much better than me, so…” To which Virginia responds, “I know, it’s ok,” prompting Andrea to humorously interject, “Behave.” The exchange between father and daughter becomes a lighthearted and amusing banter.

With Andrea gracefully exiting the stage, Virginia takes the microphone, greeted by applause from the audience. The piano sets the tone as Virginia begins singing softly and delicately, adorned in a white dress adorned with a collar and flowers.

Gradually, the violins and cellos join in, enhancing her vocals as she grows more confident, building towards a powerful climax. Despite her youth, Virginia’s voice is remarkably full and rich in tone. She chooses to perform the timeless classic ‘Over the Rainbow’ from the 1939 film ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ originally sung by Judy Garland in her iconic role as ‘Dorothy.’

Standing poised in a single spotlight amidst the pitch-black music hall, Virginia sways gracefully while delivering the song. As she concludes with a sustained note, the audience erupts in applause. In this moment, Andrea transitions from an international singing sensation to a visibly proud father before the eyes of the audience.

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