Artist Creates Sustainable Beds from Old Tires to Give Stray Dogs Places to Sleep

Amarildo Silva Fiho, 23, of Campina Grande, Brazil took thousands of tires strewn across the landscape and created comfortable beds for dogs.

Once a struggling artist working at a grocery store, Fiho discovered a way to give back to his community. He saw stray dogs sleeping in old tires and decided that he could do one better. He took the tires, cleaned them up, reshaped and painted them, then added cushions inside, to make functional, sustainable, eye-catching beds for the city’s large stray dog population.

Since then, he has been collecting thousands of old tires to make his creations. Not only is this good for the city, but also benefits the dogs. His works of art have become a sensation.

Fiho now works full-time in his own business, Cãominhas Pets, developing old tires into dog beds. He is even receiving orders from pet owners, and is branching out to making sustainable planters, and even furniture.

Fiho is an example how looking at the world around you, having compassion on the creatures within it, and thinking outside of the box can benefit not only yourself but the environment and others.

It is a reminder of our obligation as humans to care for the earth God has created for us. And serves as a reminder that we are to look after the creatures we are given dominion over. Glory to God for giving this young man the wisdom and blessing to create such works.