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Asbury Revival Testimony: It looked when the angels went to ‘stir’ the pool of Bethesda at a designated time

If you haven’t heard Asbury University has been in revival. It’s not an “ongoing worship service.” It started out like that but someone leading their regular worship sensed that God wanted to do more, they obeyed and it grew. What turned into just a worship service has been now an outpouring of the Holy Spirit last more than 10 days.

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I want to briefly explain what this looks like spiritually. It looks the same way it looked when the angels went to “stir” the pool of Bethesda at a designated time. Those that were physically hurt had the chance to jump in and be healed. What this is a portal from earth to heaven. There’s an entry point. A door way. We see this with Jacob in Genesis when he has the dream of angels ascending and descending.

Historically Asbury has a history of outpourings. The school was founded on the backs of revival so this is nothing new to them. It’s already embedded in the walls, in the land and in the foundation of the school. There’s an opening. An entry point. A door way.

Two friends and I decided to go spur of the moment yesterday evening. It wasn’t to join the hype. But rather to “jump in water”. It’s been an ongoing prayer, intercession wise that we would encounter God in massive ways all over the country and world, that he would pour out his spirit, strongly and that people would be saved, healed and set free. Could this be that? Yesterday morning in prayer, I had this burning desire to go and sent out a group text and everyone had been feeling the same sense of urgency.

By the time we were about 40 minutes out, you could feel the shift in the atmosphere. It was almost like a peace that passed my understanding. You could feel the tangible presence of God, in the region. You can feel the expectancy. When we arrived, there were cars parked everywhere. Buses, church vans, cars with different license plates from around the country.

Walking on campus, it was thousands of people. The line to get into Hughes chapel was a half mile long. But there were other smaller chapels, churches on campus and on the lawn streaming the same thing. We ended up in a smaller chapel with a seat and just as packed and impactful. But we were prepared to be outside, if need be.

I didn’t want any thing else but to be on one accord with a body of believers in one space. Corporate agreement. Corporate worship is different that just you at home and even at your local church. There were no agendas. No celebrities. No offerings. No theatrics. No timelines. Just God and people who are hungry. Souls, hungry. Every hour or so, there’s a word preached, powerful testimonies shared and prayer.

When I say, Gen Z is carrying this! They are carrying this! Whew!! Their sensitivity. Their heart for God. It’s just different.

I don’t have the words to capture what happened in me, I’m still floating. I know I’ll never be the same. I laid everything down. Every fear, every doubt, my work, my school… this young lady prayed for me and prayed heaven down. Them alter works are trained!!!

Some of us just want a deeper relationship with God… some of us just want more. Some of us just want different. We aren’t satisfied with the norm or the status quo or checking the boxes that make you a “good Christian.” There’s more!

People from across the world were there. Ireland, I read- Norway, Ecuador, Germany, the UK and more. Yesterday over 20,000 people. All I pray is that what’s on me now is contagious! I pray that things like this are normalized across the world and in the body of the church and we come away from doing “normal dry church that’s only emotion lead.” There’s so much more.

There isn’t any safety issues in the natural sheriffs and troopers are on post. In the spirit the heavenly host are most definitely on post. The safest place to be is where the spirit of the Lord is!

If you’re a Christian with a negative, critical and self righteous point of view concerning this, I suggest you keep your mouth off of it. Especially if you haven’t been there. It’s dangerous to speak against the things of God. We really do miss it sometimes, trying to be right! Smh. When all we have to do is be open.

If you wanna see this in your community in your space then you start it! Sit in the presence of God until it catches fire and starts something!

I’m 10000000000% sure that this just isn’t an event, but the beginning of something beautiful in this time in history! I’m grateful to see it!

Credit: Najah J. Johnson

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