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Baby Giggles As Mother Serenades Son With A Precious Song “Give Me Jesus”

Children are God’s gift to their parents and they are so precious that no amount of money can buy. They are so cute and their face seems to be angelic especially when they smile. Their face represents innocent individuals who know nothing about sinning. As time goes by, they develop in to mature individuals and knows a lot of things that normal people does. They’re knowledge begins to open and they’re learning to distinguish what is right from what is wrong. They begin to develop their decision making ability and this is where temptations comes in.

Babies love hearing somebody who sings for them and they usually gets sleepy every time they hear their mom’s sweet voice trying to sing a lullaby. Michelle Figueroa-Cardenas has uploaded a video of her as she holds her son in her arms. She serenades her baby with a beautiful sweet song “Give Me Jesus”. The song was originally written by Fernando Ortega and it contains incredible lines with a very wonderful message for everyone. As Michelle sings every single line of the song, her son giggles as if he understands the lyrics of the song. He was so happy hearing his mom’s sweet voice.

The moment you open your eyes in the morning, there’s nothing that you can ask for except for the mighty name of Jesus. Nothing in this world can satisfy us more than the love of Christ. Nothing can give the world peace except for Jesus. Call unto His name and ask whatever it is by His power and all of the desires of your heart will surely be granted. Jesus is our provider and He guides us every single day. In times of danger, there’s no other name to call but Jesus. Watch the video below and find this little baby’s cuteness as he giggles hearing the song “Give Me Jesus”.

This babies reaction when mom sings “Give Me Jesus” is priceless
Uploaded by Gospel of Jesus on 2018-11-14.

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