LifestyleBaby's Reaction to Mom and Dad's Beautiful Rendition of 'One Day'

Baby’s Reaction to Mom and Dad’s Beautiful Rendition of ‘One Day’

This is definitely a feel-good performance of the song ‘One Day’ by this beautiful family.  This performance will surely bring out the smile to your face as it did to this cute little baby!

The couple, Yoni and Nina Tokayer, also known as ‘Yonina’ in their YouTube channel love to sing and it’s definitely music that brought them together. Aside from their beautiful voices and perfect blending, what’s noticeable in this particular video is their baby’s adorable reaction upon hearing Mom and Dad sing. I just can’t get my eyes off this baby!

This performance brought a smile to that little one. Indeed, music is a medium that speaks to the soul and I believe that this song communicates that feel-good feeling not just to everyone who hears it, but definitely to this little one. I bet this baby also wants to sing along with Mom and Dad. And I’m sure, one day she will!

If the world is getting in your nerves today, just pause for a moment and watch this feel-good video. Let see if this will not leave a smile on your face!  This is just so contagious! Everyone who watches this video will surely smile as this adorable one smiles along with the beautiful singing of Mom and Dad.

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