Ben Lost His Life in a Tragic Boating Accident but His Kind Heart Will Never Be Forgotten

God sees the desire of our hearts and will surely bless a pure and kind heart. Some people may judge you according to your physical attributes but what is more important is the beauty inside. A beautiful physical appearance may be forgotten by some but a helpful heart and good deeds will always be remembered.

It was a sorrowful boating accident that brought tears to the Jackson family. Alan Jackson’s son-in-law, the husband of his daughter Mattie passed away during the incident. Mattie and Ben are happily married until the accident happened and Ben died. It was reported that Ben Selecman lost his life when he was trying to help a woman into the boat where he fell and bumped his head. They brought him to the hospital as quickly as they can but unfortunately, the doctors declared his death due to a serious head injury. The family mourned as well as their fans showing their sympathy to Jackson family.

His life has ended unexpectedly but everyone will truly remember his pure soul and kind heart because of his good deeds. Jesus sees the good deeds that we do every day and He is faithful and just to reward us and continue to bless our lives with abundant grace. Love your neighbor as you love yourself for a person who doesn’t know how to love his brother doesn’t know how to love God.

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