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Boy With Cerebral Palsy Was Transformed Through Operation Christmas Child, Now Shares Word Of God

Transformation happens in a long time especially when you’re already used to what you are doing on a daily basis. Faith without action is dead and one who believes in God and claims to have faith in Him should also act accordingly. God uses people as an instrument that they may know Him and follow His scriptures. The Lord might send somebody to come over and tell you about His great love when He sent His son Jesus into the world to redeem us from our sins.

Sampil is an ordinary teenager with cerebral palsy. Life was never easy for him because of his illness. When Operation Christmas Child heard about his condition, a volunteer named Chuka Bayaraa visited his home. Chuka started sharing the gospel to Sampil as well as all of his family members. Chuka talked about God’s great love to men, the story of redemption including the sins that serves as a barricade between man and God. Sampil’s family members accepted the message wholeheartedly but it was only Sampil who decided to leave his old way of living and follow Jesus.

Sampil offered his life to God and offered to be an assistant teacher in a children’s camp for disabled children. He focused on serving God and found his happiness in sharing the gospel to others. Who would have thought that a teenager suffering from cerebral palsy would turn his back from the sins of the world and prove to people that despite his condition? His faith can move mountains.

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