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Broncos Safety Justin Simmons Thanks QB Teddy Bridgewater After He Prays with Him

Justin Simmons acknowledges the power of prayer after winning a 26-0 over the New York Jets. 

Simmons had missed the prayer with his teammates after the game but quarterback Teddy Bridgewater waited and prayed with him.

“After every game, home or away, a group of players from both teams come together to say a prayer at midfield,” Simmons said. “It’s my favorite thing about game day on Sunday. Giving thanks and praise to God, win or lose.”

The team prayed after every game on the 50-yard line, win or lose. But that day, the Christian football player missed the post-game prayer because of an interview about his team’s 3-0 standing. 

When the interview was over, he looked behind him worried that he might have missed the prayer. Surely, he did. But Bridgewater was there waiting for him.

Bridgewater said, “I got you, man.” Then they started praying. “There is a reason God brings people into your life depending on what ‘season’ of life you’re in. Teddy didn’t know, I never told him, but I needed that prayer,” Simmons said in an Instagram post.

He continued to say, “I shared that post because God is always for you, and God used Teddy in that moment for me. I’m just really thankful for it.” 

Simmons said that what Bridgewater did for him made a huge impact on him. He wanted to encourage and share the story because there are a lot of times in life that people can be so busy and caught up in different situations and circumstances that we forget to thank God for His goodness.

Simmons was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2016. This year, he was voted to the Pro Bowl after getting a career high of five interceptions. Pro Football Focus also hailed him as first-team All-Pro in 2019 and second-team All-Pro in 2020.

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