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Brother Sings to Little Baby Sister “You Are So Beautiful to Me” Touching Mom to Cry

Siblings are born to show love and care to one another. They were given as a blessing for us to have companions in life. They are the ones that we can trust in times of sorrow and despair. Unluckily some are born alone without any brother or sister and I’m pretty sure they’re also praying to have one. Some problems may arise among siblings. Problems that are caused by jealousy and insecurities. These are the common thing between siblings but at the end of the day, love between brothers and sisters should still prevail.

A mom brought their new baby at home and was happy having a new member in the family. The couple was excited about the new baby that would surely bring joy to the family. They’re the only problem is their eldest son who’s still young and still, need to be taken cared of. They do not worry about taking care of both children but they were scared about what would be the reaction of their little boy. He might feel deprived of some attention that was only focused on him when he was still the only child. This is a normal scenario for siblings, and it’s apt to the parents on how they would handle this kind of situation. The mother was surprised about his boy’s reaction when he saw his tiny cute baby sister. Happiness was seen on him and a big smile marked his face.

The little boy asked his mom if he can carry his little sister into his arms and the mother felt happy hearing this request. But something happened that made the mother burst in tears. While the little boy was gently holding his baby sister, a song came out of him. He was singing You Are So Beautiful in a very sweet manner showing too much love and affection to the new member of the family. Tears came out of their mom’s eyes because this is something that she didn’t expect to happen!

Anything in this world is conquered by love for love is the greatest thing on earth. This is also the main reason why human exists. God saved humanity with one simple reason, He loves us. Check out the video and listen as brother sings for his baby sister!

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