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During Wedding, Pastor Tells Bride To Step Aside As Groom Proposes To Her Sister

Santa Claus, Indiana — When Seaton proposed to his wife, Ashley, in 2017, he knew he was not just committing to her but to her sister, Hannah, as well. Here’s their lovely story.

Hannah was diagnosed by doctors with diabetes and Down Syndrome. This was why Ashley decided that she would commit her life to making her sister live her best life. They have been inseparable since then.

Even at a young age, Ashley decided that she would care for Hannah no matter the cost.

When Ashley met her now husband, Seaton, she let him know that if he decides to marry her, Hannah would become part of the family as well.

Seaton, the gentleman that he is, accommodated the request and did not have any qualm about the request. As a matter of fact, he accepted the sisters without any hesitation. He understood how important Hannah was to Ashley and he took the younger to be his own sister too.

The young man’s commitment made Ashley believe that he was the one. So when Seaton proposed to her, Ashley said yes.

But to Ashley’s surprise, Seaton wasn’t done yet. As Hannah was always with them, he turned to the young girl and proposed to be his best friend as well.

Ashley said that the act blew her away. Hannah was very happy and that moment was very special to all of them.

On their wedding date, after the vows of the couple, Ashley stepped aside and led Hannah up the altar to share a “best friend vow” with her husband.

The pastor asked both Hannah and Will, “Do you promise to go fishing, and tell him silly jokes, and always care for each other?” and both said yes. Then they were pronounced best friends forever. It was truly a heartwarming sight to behold.

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