LifestyleBuskers Fooled People At NYC Subway, Surprised After Revealing Their Identity

Buskers Fooled People At NYC Subway, Surprised After Revealing Their Identity

Life is full of surprises and at times, something happens the least that we expect. We may feel down today but wait until God reveals His plan for your life. There are things that we don’t expect to happen but could give us too much happiness. There are also some people who would take time and effort to prepare something that could surprise us.

Jimmy Fallon with Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and James Valentine has planned something surprising for the people who passed by New York City subway station. In a regular day, you may see buskers along the subway holding their guitars or whatever instrument to produce music and in return collect some cash from people. So people are already used to this setup but not until they were fooled by famous celebrities.

They started singing Elvis Presley’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love with an awesome voice that is, in fact, a head turner! A person with a camera is hiding in one place to take a video of how people will react to this surprise. People started to come closer and gathered as a crowd. Some were starting to take pictures and videos maybe because they were amazed by the voices of these gentlemen. They started to reveal their true identity before they start to sing their second song Sugar. The crowd were rejoicing and faces captured were really surprised! Nobody expected to witness those celebrities performing on the subway in a regular kind of day.

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