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“Boyfriend Broke Up With You? Call Jesus!” So Interesting To Get This Best Ever Life Advice From Such Young Adorable Sister Duo

“Call Jesus!” Would you believe that this advice came from this adorable sister-duo? When things around you are not working out, might as well consider this piece of advice!

Oozing with so much personality, 7-year-old Dani and 6-year-old Dannah give an honest life advice that won the hearts of those who watched their video. It caught even Steve Harvey who welcomed them to his talk show, ‘Hey Steve!’ With their kitty ears on and legs crossed, these adorable kids gave some advice that you will surely consider. Love advise? Advice for moms? Name it! Dani and Dannah for sure have something to say! I just can’t help but laugh along with the audience upon hearing the advice that somehow makes sense! Not to mention Steve’s priceless reaction!

These girls first drew the netizens’ attention when their Mom uploaded a video recapping what happened in school. Dannah says her boyfriend broke up with her, then came back with gifts. “He wants to get back with me,” Dannah explains “and I was like NO NO NO! I’ll take the bracelet but I won’t take you!” SAY WHAT?! “If your boyfriend broke up with you, Call Jesus! Don’t Call Tyrone, Call Jesus!”

Aside from heart issues, these girls also share “Scripture Time” videos where they share a verse from the Bible. They also share their insights on the verse which will make you ask: ‘How old are they again?’ They are definitely making Jesus famous

#scripturetime ! We are so concerned and judgmental about everything and everyone else we forgot to focus on ourselves. #letgodbegod #calljesus #danianddannah #dontjudge #scripturetime #tag #bestoftheday #frobabies #shaderoom #balleralert #jesus #spreadlove #love

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This sassy sister duo is a breath of fresh air! Indeed they are never too young to tell you, “Call Jesus!”

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