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CBS Drama ‘Evil’ Tries to Tackle Issues of Faith From Various Perspectives

Robert King encourages viewers to look behind the title of his and wife Michelle’s new CBS series since there is more to it than it implies. Despite it being called “Evil,” Robert said the series treats religion with respect and tries to tackle to issues of faith from various perspectives.

Robert and Michelle sat down in an interview with The Christian Post to discuss what faith-based viewers can take from their show. Michelle admitted that she is “concerned that people might get scared by the title.” But they shouldn’t because in each episode “religion is being treated with a lot of respect.”

“So often on TV, people who are religious or have religious ideals are patronized or made villainous, and we’re doing just the opposite,” Michelle said.

Robert chimed in and said that people of faith should see the show because it also tackles miracles in relation to faith. It “addresses those conflicts in the show and addresses issues of faith in a complex way.”

“I have a family that was very sick, who are the holiest people I know; I couldn’t think of people who are more deserving of miracles than anyone else in the world. So why is a miracle not available there but is available somewhere else? That’s a question from someone of faith,” Robert added.

Aside from faith and religion, the CBS drama also emphasizes the importance of prayer. In episode 2, there’s a scene where a character recites the Lord’s Prayer and uses the rosary for protection. Robert believes that there is power in prayer and that prayer should be treated with respect. Prayer needs sincerity. That’s why when we pray there should be focus and attention, less the devil distracts you and tempts your thoughts to wander.

Robert and Michelle said they believe that evil is around us just that we don’t know where it comes from. This is why it’s important to have faith and believe in the power of prayer to ward off evil.

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