Chick-fil-A Worker ‘Led by the Spirit’ Praying Over Customer in Heartwarming Viral Photo

A Chick-fil-A employee has captured the hearts of people all over the world after he was caught praying over a customer at the place where he was working. When asked why he did it, he calmly answered that the “spirit led him.”

It isn’t every day that an employee of a fast-food chain would go out of their way to give comfort to “needy” customers. However, Stephen Spray, known in the community as “Mr. Steve,” stopped what he was doing and spontaneously prayed over a customer.

The heartwarming moment was instantly captured by Brittany Calden, a professional photographer who was with her daughter at the play area when the lovely moment transpired.

According to Fox News, Calden said that the whole scene caught her off guard. “I have never seen someone ask to pray for someone else in a public setting before. It was authentic and moving to witness and I was drawn to tears by the action,” said the owner of Brittany Calden Photography.

She recounted her conversation with Mr. Steve where the latter said that what she witnessed was not unusual. Mr. Steve said that he works at a place where if he’s led to pray for somebody, he can do it on the spot.

“People need prayer, encouragement, and love. That’s what we try to do here,” added Mr. Steve.

Calden immediately shared the whole encounter on Facebook. She included the awesome experience that she has at the said fast-food chain.

According to Calden, the employees at Chick-fil-A “have hearts that are led by Jesus.” She said that they would always go out of their way to make customers feel good. Some of the instances that Calden experienced Chick-fil-A’s overwhelming kindness was being greeted by their names, and employees holding her baby when her hands are full. Once, an employee even ran for the door to hug her daughter.

Calden further described the employees as, “They don’t do what they do for recognition. These employees have hearts that are led by Jesus and its evident every time we enter their restaurant.”

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