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Children At St. Paul’s Church Tell Story Of Christmas, The Cutest Way Ever!

As Christmas is about to come, we are now seeing a lot of advertisements and presentations having a Christmas theme. Different ways of telling the story how first Christmas happened are now on the air. Hearing Christmas carols that bring good old memories are so rampant. We might even think of what presents should we give to our loved ones. Happiness is all over the place today and everyone is getting ready for a big celebration!

Children at St. Paul’s Church in Auckland, New Zealand has prepared a video about how the first Christmas took place. It started with a young boy playing the role of angel Gabriel who showed up in front of Mary’s face to tell her the prophecy that is about to happen. The children were so cute knowing that they are very familiar with the story of how Jesus was born. It is just so sweet knowing that even until today’s generation, the story of Christmas is still known by people especially the little ones.

Bring your kids to church regularly and let them learn the Word of God. Technology is so fast as it changes almost every day, but the truth that the Bible teaches every human being is constant. The love of God to men doesn’t change whatever might happen. Everything in the world is possible to change but not what the Holy Scripture says. Teach your little children the importance of heavenly things. Jesus reminds us in His scriptures, “Let the little children come to me for they will inherit the kingdom of God”.

The Christmas Story
The story of Christmas as told by the children of St Paul’s Church, Auckland, New Zealand. Anyone is welcome to show this film publicly, but not change it in any way, publish/broadcast it, nor make money out of it. Except for Joe.

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