LifestyleChris Tomlin Shares Message Through His Marvelous Song “Holy Roar”

Chris Tomlin Shares Message Through His Marvelous Song “Holy Roar”

At times we are being loaded with problems, we cry for mercy. We even beg for God to help us overcome our misery. We rely on His promise that He is always there to save us from trials and temptations. But do you know that God also cries in order for the lost to be back in His kingdom?

Chris Tomlin is an American contemporary Christian music artist who is well known for his soulful music. He’s also a great songwriter from Grand Saline, Texas who is inspired to write songs of praise and worship. Chris Tomlin has sold over 7 million records and his listeners are inspired by hearing his songs and they’re loving it! Tomlin leads worship in many Passion events where one of his song How Great Is Our God is also loved by people. Recently, he released a heartwarming song Holy Roar which shares God message to everyone. The lyrics, as well as the rhythm of the song, is perfect!

God is begging for you to come back to Him. He is thirsty of your love and service. He cries and He is currently knocking on your door. Open your heart to Him and offer your life to Jesus that He may be glorified.

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