9-Year-Old Boy Empties Life Savings to Buy Supplies for Homeless Shelter

While some of us are fortunate enough to have more than what we need, others are not as lucky as us. We are focused on providing for our families that we often forgot that there are other people who wish to have at least one meal a day but cannot do so because of certain circumstances.

There is one boy who showed kindness and did something remarkable to those in need.

9-year-old Nathan from Rock Island, Illinois, emptied his savings account in order to buy supplies to their local homeless shelter. He was watching YouTube one day when he saw a video of people giving money to homeless shelters and Nathan was inspired to do the same.

Credit: YouTube Screenshot via Amazing Story Today

He immediately told his dad, Ethan, about his plan, and Ethan decided to talk him out of it at first but then realized what kind of lesson that could teach his son so he told Nathan that he would match him dollar for dollar.

Nathan get in touch with his local homeless shelter and asked for the list of items that they needed. After getting the list, he went to their local bank with his dad and withdraw all of his savings account amounting to $150, and just like what Ethan promised to his son, he also withdrew the same amount.

The little boy bought shoes, gloves, barbecue sauce, and hot sauce for the shelter. His dad couldn’t be happier and proud seeing how compassionate and kind his son is. Ethan can’t help but post on his social media account what his son did.

“I can’t help it, I have to brag on my kids when they do big things. Nathan emptied his savings account today to go shopping for a homeless shelter. $148 that he has saved up over the course of the last year and a half. I almost wanted to talk him out of it, but what kind of lesson would that be? Instead, I told him I would match him dollar for dollar. WQAD will be doing a news story tonight at 10 if anyone wants to watch. The ironic part? That he was inspired by a YouTuber, and I am constantly impugning the worth of watching YouTube videos.🙈”

People leave positive comments on Ethan’s post and all of them commend Nathan for having such a huge heart.

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