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Couple Christian Musicians Bring Touching Combination Version of Your Grace is Enough/Amazing Grace Medley

Caleb and Kelsey are married duos who found their love and inspiration in making music together. When they started, they’re both making music on their own. At first, Caleb and Kelsey started recording for fun but when they finally get married, they’re already doing it to provide the needs of their family.

In 2017, they recorded a medley of popular worship songs and posted the track online. They were shocked when the medley ranked #1 in the Christian iTunes chart. Kelsey grew up singing in the church and consider worship songs as a universal language in connecting to people. People started to like their songs and fueled by fans, they recorded more medley songs of worship and also included power ballads.

Except for the soulful melody brought by the song, it’s lyrics is very touching to one’s heart as you can really feel God’s presence when you listen to it. God broke our chains and gave us the freedom to separate us from our sins. He gave up His life for the sins of His children and His grace is truly wonderful and amazing.

The Lord promised us eternal life only if we believe in Him. He saved a wretch and was nailed on the cross in order to redeem us from the sins of the world. His grace is enough for us to survive every trial that life may bring. His power is above all nations that nobody can defeat. Follow the way that the Lord has prepared and been worthy of His goodness for He will grant the desires of your heart.

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