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Couple Lost 3 Kids After A Tragic Accident But Was Surprised Of What Happened After 6 Months

Life is full of surprises and there are things that happen the least that we expect it to come. It might be good or something worst but one thing is sure, it is part of God’s masterpiece. Change is the only permanent thing in this world. People come and go, old things are gone and are replaced by something new. We need to be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally and the most important aspect of life, spiritually. Call unto Him and you will surely understand that everything that happens in your life is already planned ahead of time.

Chris and Lori Coble are sweet happy couples from California. They were blessed having 3 kids that are so cute bringing happiness to their home. The eldest was Kyle, 5 years old followed by Emma, 4 and the youngest of them is Katie which is only 2 years old. Having these lovely kids is enough for them to say that their life is blessed and that they are lucky enough to have their children, not until a tragic incident happened to the Coble family. The worst nightmare of their lives has come and they were not prepared of what had happened.

It was after Kyle’s 5th birthday when Lori asked her mom to fixed the kids and pile them in the van. They were about to go to the mall to ride on the Ferris wheel which is one of the kid’s favorite day. On their way home, a truck carrying loads of cargo was speeding and unfortunately hit their van. After the incident, Lori, her mom, and the 3 kids were rushed to the hospital and they were greatly affected by the said incident. Unluckily, the 3 kids died in an instant and this broke their parents’ heart. Chris, however, was still on his job when he received 3 separate phone calls declaring that all of her kids died because of the impact of the truck that slammed their vehicle. Their world was torn apart and nobody could explain the pain they felt that very moment. The voices of their children laughing inside their house were gone and were replaced by too much silence full of depression. The couple would spend more time on the grave of their kids letting them feel how much they missed them.

After 6 months, Chris and Lori received a terrible news that changed their life after the accident. The couple was shocked when Lori’s doctor told her that they will be having triplets! Both of them could not believe that a miracle has come along the way. They were thinking that this is a great blessing from God and that Kyle, Emma, and Katie are looking at them and trying to help with the situation. The tragic accident brought sorrow to Chris and Lori but because of their faith, they’re now given a much bigger responsibility. God hears our cry and has mercy on people. You may feel drowned with disappointments that life brings, but at the end of the day, you will realize that certain things are meant to happen in order for His plan to be revealed.

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