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Couple Mistreated the Man Through Discriminating Actions For Appearance Finally Shamed When Doctor Told Them Who He Was

We are always fond of looking at people’s physical attributes. We examine their facial features, the way people dress and even look closely at how they carry themselves. Most people are mistakenly judged because of their status in life. That is how human gives importance to the outer appearance without being considerate to other people’s emotions.

A couple went at the doctor’s office together with their child for an appointment. When they arrived, a man was sitting outside the clinic alone. Their child sat beside the man but then her mother let her transfer seat exchanging with the little girl. When the father saw it, he grabbed his wife and asked her to transfer to his seat instead and that left him standing.

The seat beside the poor man is vacant but he chose to stand rather than sitting beside that stranger. It was by then when the nurse opened the door and told them to come in. They were told to enter the clinic together with the man that they were trying to judge through their looks. They were shocked when the doctor introduced the man to them. He told the couple that the man is their child’s bone marrow donor. At that moment they were left speechless staring at the man.

Who are we to judge? We were all born equal because of the love of God. God saved all kinds of sinners without looking at the sins that they have done. We were not judged by God through our sins but it was our heart that He examined. Stop mistreating people because they could be a blessing in disguise!

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