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Couple Survived Horrific Crash, Shocked Upon Seeing An Item That Saved Them From Death

Accidents can happen at any time of the day and we need to be extra careful. There will be a lot of hardships to encounter as we tackle the path of life. Everything happens for a reason and it is by the will of God. As Christians, one should not be afraid but claim the promise of God that He will send His angels to rescue us in times of trouble.

Arika Stovall and her boyfriend Hunter Hanks survived a terrible accident as they were traveling 75 miles per hour. Their truck encountered a horrific crash with a great impact that almost killed their lives. The metal would have injured them but through the miracle of Christ, they were able to survive and continue living a happy life up until now. Arika was emotional when she shared what happened to her and her boyfriend. According to her, she saw a man right after the accident and even asked him if when the ambulance will arrive. The man just responded that the ambulance is already coming to rescue them and a flashlight was pointed to Arika’s face.

Two days after the accident, both of them have recovered and they went back to the place where Hunter’s truck was crashed. They were surprised when they saw Hunter’s Bible on the place of the accident. What is more surprising is that the page of the Bible is turned in to a verse that says, “Don’t be afraid for Jesus is with them”. This is indeed a great miracle that Jesus did and the Bible is not just a coincidence but it gives a clear message to everyone that no matter what happened, Jesus will always be there to rescue and save us from harm.

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