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Crowd Enjoyed Baby’s Race By Crawling In To The Finish Line Where Mom Is Waiting

Babies are so special and full of innocence. They are loved by God because they are still unaware of committing mistakes. God’s word in the Holy Bible tells us that we need to allow the children to come into Him for they shall inherit the kingdom of God. These little babies are just about to discover the beauty of life and they still need the proper guidance and support of their parents. They were very dependent on their mom and dad as they are still unable to do things by their own will and strength.

An activity was caught in a video where people were having a whole lot of fun and it seems like everyone is celebrating a family day. They prepared numerous activities and one of those is the babies race. Their dad was holding them first on the starting line and they need to crawl into the finish line where their mommies are waiting. The crowd is shouting and they were so excited about knowing who will win the race. One baby was crawling so fast but he stopped at the middle and just looked at the people around him while his mom is calling his attention to finish the race.

Life is a difficult race and it is not about who finished it first but you are rather judged on how you tackled the race of life. It may be hard because of the obstacles along the way but what is important is you gained strength from God and continue fighting the battle in order to succeed. Problems are everywhere and we do not have the power to stop them. You may fail at one point but try to ask help from God because you can do all things through His power. Set your eyes on Jesus and focus on the things which are according to His will because you will surely succeed. Watch the video below and have fun with these cute little babies in their crawling race!

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