Cruel Kids Mock Scarred Target Cashier Until This Mom Calls Them Out

Not all kids are made of sugar and spice. Some of them may have been from dysfunctional families or bullies who have difficulty getting with others around them. Some kid bullies harassed both peers and adults around them when they felt the need to assert their superiority. 

An untoward incident happened one day in Target with two kids bullying a cashier. However, these kids may have proven to be little devils. A fellow shopper came to the rescue and served as an angel to the poor employee. 

Mary Katherine Backstrom, a Southern mom, was shopping at Target preparing for the things she needed for an upcoming vacation when she witnessed a young boy and girl snickering at a disfigured cashier and taking photos of the cashier’s face. 

In a viral Youtube video, Mary Katherine vented about the incident. She told her viewers her observations about the cashier guessing that the individual has apparent signs of a past accident that needs ‘cranial reconstructive surgery.’ Thus explaining the stitches on his head and a disfigured eye. 

Instead of showing respect to the cashier, the kids found his looks ridiculous, thus mocking him for taking photos of the man using their phone. 

The kids’ cruelty does not end there. They want to spread the man’s image to their friends and make fun of him using Snapchat filters. 

Mary Katherine explained that she is usually ‘super-nonconfrontational and does not have confidence at times. 

However, she felt that the kids at Target were acting ‘very cruel’ to the employee and had to assert her position as an adult. 

She could not keep her anger and finally confronted the kids warning them about their bad behavior. 

“In that moment I realized, ‘Yes, yes, I’m an adult. I can do this. I can take control of the situation and teach them a lesson.'”

Fortunately, Mary Katherine received a favorable response. The kids have been receptive to her words and readily apologized. 

She learned later on that the kids’ mom was picking them at Target later that day. She wanted to talk to her mom personally but then decided to speak to her on her video. 

Mary Katherine is hopeful that future kids will become kinder to marginalized and disfigured people despite what happened. Bullying may decrease if adults will intervene and call out their bad behavior. 

“It’s hard to hear criticisms from other parents or hear your kids are acting contrary to how you know you’ve raised them, but that’s part of them growing up. We all need to be keeping an eye on each other and each other’s kids,” she said, addressing the kids’ mom in the video. 

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