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Dad Refused To Give Daughter A Ride To School, Walked Her Way And Went Viral

Discipline is what it takes for anybody to become a better person. Doing something wrong and hurting other people should not be tolerated especially by parents. We need to make sure we teach our children the importance of showing respect to others and treating them right. Anybody has the right to be respected no matter if he or she is rich or poor. The things that we do to others and the attitude that we portray shows clearly what kind of person we are.

A little girl from Swanton, Ohio was kicked off by a bus driver after picking on somebody and showed an act of bullying. The bus driver told the girl that she will no longer be allowed to ride on their school bus because of what she did and that she needs to look for somebody to take her to school. So the girl approached her dad and asked if he can give her a ride to school. Matt Cox is a righteous kind of dad and that he disciplines his child well. He doesn’t tolerate the act of bullying that his daughter did so he gave her a punishment that she didn’t expect to happen. Matt refused to give his daughter a ride to school but instead, he told her to walk 5 miles which is the distance of their house away from the school. He just followed her with his car just to make sure his daughter will be safe along the way.

This video of letting his daughter walk became viral and people gave out different opinions. Some thought that Matt was so harsh for doing such a thing but he said that it is one way of letting his daughter feel that bullying could lead to something worst if she will not learn her lesson. Teach your children good values in life and instill in their minds the importance of practicing good traits. Treat other people with respect because respect begets respect.

Dad Makes Daughter Walk 5 Miles to School After She’s Accused of Bullying
An Ohio father has gone viral for the interesting way he punished his daughter. Matt Cox wanted to teach the girl a lesson after she was kicked off the school bus for three days for bullying another student. It was the second time she’d gotten into trouble for picking on someone.

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