LifestyleDani & Dannah Make Crowd of Steve Harvey’s Show Crazy Laugh

Dani & Dannah Make Crowd of Steve Harvey’s Show Crazy Laugh

Children are considered as the face of innocence for they do not understand most of the things that they encounter in life at a very young age. But these kids can teach us a lesson at times that we do not expect. They bring joy and give colors to the world especially to their parents.

Dani & Dannah are sisters who went viral on the internet when their mom started to upload a sample of their videos. They are so cute and impressive in giving inspirational advice which makes sense. You may find it funny the way they deliver it since they’re still young but the lesson that we can get from them is truly amazing! Here’s one of their video telling everyone that whatever happens, always call Jesus!

People loved their videos and they were invited by Steve Harvey in his show. They gave out advice in one of his segment “Hey Steve”. Dani and Dannah did not disappoint people and their responses made the crowd go crazy! These kids are awesome!

The word of God in the Bible tells us that do not let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in faith, and in purity. God doesn’t choose people by age for Him to use as an instrument of faith. You may be young in age but only if you let Jesus rule in your heart, He will definitely be proud of you sharing His gospel in order for everyone to know how powerful He is. In times of trouble and distress, always remember that Jesus got your back so the best option instead of worrying is to call Jesus!

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