LifestyleDaughter Asked Money From Dad, What She Did Left Father In Tears

Daughter Asked Money From Dad, What She Did Left Father In Tears

The world is so focused on the material things that people need every single day. We spend a lot of hours at works in order to earn for a living without knowing that there are more important things in life that we neglect. Those things that we missed can sometimes be more important than anything else. We always grab any opportunity given as long as we will be earning a lot to fulfill our needs. The moment we finish school, everyone is looking forward to having a good paying job and start investing in their future career. Nobody wants to be left in a fast-changing world and everyone aims of having a comfortable life.

I came across a video which gives a meaningful lesson in life about a father and daughter relationship. We all know how everyone looks up to their fathers as they serve as the firm foundation of the family. They strive every single day to feed the mouths of their family waiting at home. This story is about a father and a daughter who lost her mom and only rely upon her dad. It was one day when she asked her father how much he earns for an hour of working. The father was quite irritated upon hearing the daughter’s inquiry because he thought it was a stupid question. The daughter insisted and pushed to get an answer to her question so the father was left with no choice but to give a straight answer. After getting what she wants, the daughter asked her dad if she can borrow some amount. The father did not give what she was asking but instead, he told his daughter to go to her room and sleep.

When daddy entered his daughter’s room, he saw her holding her mom’s picture as she misses her so much. The father felt her daughter’s sadness and handed her the money. He was surprised when his daughter told him that she will pay her dad $100 RS which is the amount that he earns every hour just for him to go home early in order for them to have dinner together. The story reminds us that working hard is not bad but we also need to make sure that we spend much time for our family and loved ones. Learn to balance everything and give importance to your family before it’s too late. Let them feel that you love them and start doing it right at this very moment.

The Importance Of The Father Daughter Relationship
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