LifestyleDaughter Went Down Sobbing After Knowing Daddy Was Home, Emotional Family Reunion

Daughter Went Down Sobbing After Knowing Daddy Was Home, Emotional Family Reunion

Some of our loved ones are far away from us that it is impossible for them to celebrate the upcoming holiday with us. It is reasonable enough since it is their job that requires them not to go home even if it’s Christmas. We all know how happy it is to celebrate the holiday together with our family members.

A 10-year-old girl is about to celebrate Christmas without a father by her side. Her dad, Army Captain Eric Morski is assigned in Nepal as part of his duty and he got no choice but to stay far away from his family. Despite of his work, he always make sure that he still got time for his wife and daughter. It is already part of his routine to do FaceTime with his daughter every morning as she eats breakfast and even before his daughter go to sleep at night. When Captain Morski knew that he will be sent home to spend his holiday vacation, he decided to surprise his daughter in a way that she can’t imagine.

The little girl is about to go to sleep when her mom told her that her dad wants to do FaceTime. The cute little girl immediately called dad and she was patiently waiting while it rings for a long time. When daddy answered the phone, the little girl noticed something different. She saw their Christmas tree on the background until finally, she figured out that her dad is just there downstairs. The little girl was running down with tears falling on her face as she was sobbing. She was so excited to see her dad and her emotion left tears to those who have watched her video.

Check out the video below as you witness a very emotional family reunion!

‘Daddy, daddy!’ NC Army Capt. surprises 10-year-old daughter for Christmas
We’re not crying, you’re crying! Army Captain Eric Morski recently surprised his 10-year-old daughter for Christmas at the family’s home where they’re stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina after being deployed for six months in Nepal. Meredith Morski, Capt. Morski’s wife, tells FOX 46 Charlotte that he’d planned to surprise their daughter, Iliana, while she was eating breakfast last week.

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