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Dog Who Spent 7 Years In The Shelter Finally Was So Happy to Have A Family

It is really sorrowful when nobody shows love to us. Human needs love and attention and even animals too. They aim to have a real home where somebody will take good care of them, feed them and give them shelter to live in. Not only puppies need to be taken cared of, but even old dogs also want to have a family who will look after them every single day and treat them as part of the family.

Pirate Marie spent most years of her life at Oahu SPCA in Hawaii. People who want to adopt dogs visit that place to pick up their new family member. A lot of people are coming to visit and choose the dog that they wanna take home but none of them has given attention to Pirate Marie. She has overlooked all the time and the poor dog is longing for somebody to own her. The staff at SPCA treats her nicely but they’re also concerned about her adoption. A woman came to visit the place wanting to adopt a dog for her and her husband. Jennifer Hoyt and her husband are both in the military and they were assigned to Hawaii. The couple is just new to the place and they’ve got no home to stay yet but Jennifer already decided to have a dog of her own.

Jennifer heard Pirate Marie’s story of being overlooked all the time and she felt pity about it. So she decided to take Pirate Marie and take good care of her. The dog might be old already but the couple still treated her as their baby. God truly made a way for Pirate Marie and Jennifer to meet and it was the best day of her life as somebody took her and promised to take care of her. Dogs are man’s best friend and they should be treated well as they are part of God’s creation.

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