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‘Dumpster Baby’ Adopted by Kind Couple Becomes The CEO of a $62 Million Company

Freddie Figgers, a resilient entrepreneur and CEO of a $62 million telecommunications company, has defied the odds and transformed his challenging early life into a success story.

Abandoned as an infant near a dumpster in rural Florida, Freddie was rescued and adopted by Nathan and Betty Mae Figgers, who provided him with love and support despite the circumstances of his birth.

Discovering the truth about his origins at the age of 8, Freddie faced bullying and taunts from peers who labeled him a “dumpster baby.” Despite the challenges, his adoptive father’s encouragement played a crucial role in shaping Freddie’s resilience. Nathan instilled in him the importance of not letting his past define him.

Freddie’s journey took a significant turn at the age of 9 when he encountered his first computer, an old Macintosh found at Goodwill. Despite its non-functional state, Freddie’s fascination with technology led him to tinker and repair the computer. This experience marked the beginning of his lifelong passion for working with machines and technology.

By the age of 13, Freddie was repairing computers, and by 15, he had established his own computer repair company, Figgers Computers, operating from his parents’ living room. His entrepreneurial spirit thrived, and at 17, he already had a client base of 150, offering services like website development and data storage.

Choosing to forgo college due to the expanding client base, Freddie’s breakthrough came in 2012 when he developed a GPS tracker program, earning $2.2 million after its sale to an undisclosed company. The invention, a GPS tracker built into a shoe, was created to assist his father, who had Alzheimer’s. This innovative device featured Google Maps for tracking, along with two-way communication, providing a practical solution for monitoring his father’s location.

Despite facing personal loss with his father’s passing in 2014, Freddie continued his entrepreneurial journey. At 31, he now serves as the CEO of a multimillion-dollar telecommunications company, boasting multiple patents for his inventions.

Beyond his professional success, Freddie remains committed to giving back. He established The Figgers Foundation, allocating 20% of the company’s profits to various charitable causes. The foundation supports disaster relief efforts, sponsors college scholarships for high school students, and provides assistance with school supplies.

Reflecting on his remarkable journey, Freddie credits his adoptive parents for molding him into the person he is today. While enjoying the luxuries that success has brought him, he remains grounded and dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others through both his business and philanthropic endeavors.

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