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Evangelist Proved Gay Guilty On The Street Through Amazing Presentation Of God’s Word

It is by sin that human was separated to God. Sin built a gap between man and Jesus. In the beginning was the beautiful creation of the Lord including man and woman. A perfect paradise was made for them to live in, it was a place full of happiness and everything that you need in life was already there, not until the enemy tested the man and woman who also failed to follow instructions given by their Creator.

It is by the command that God wants us to share His gospel with others. We are ordered to go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father. Our brother’s and sister’s salvation is also our accountability. An evangelist was sharing the word of God on the streets when he encountered a gay and from there he started asking questions. He asked if the man has committed sins that are against the commandment. He was trying to prove to the man that he’s guilty of different kinds of sins such as lying, stealing, having a corrupt mind, blasphemy and a lot more. The man, in all honesty, admitted that he was able to commit such things way back years ago. Then the evangelist told him that he’s way better than him.

Have you ever tried sharing the truth to others? The truth that will set us free is nothing but the Holy Word of God. We are all guilty of committing a different kind of sins every day, but do we learn from it? Do we realize the purpose that God sacrificed His only begotten Son to free us from the bondage of Sin? Tell other people about God’s word and let no man miss the opportunity to be saved.

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