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Evynne Hollens Dressed Up As White Snow Princess Sings While Waiting For the Best Ever Prince That Surely Surprises You!

We all dream of a magical moment in life where we experience true happiness without thinking of anything to worry. Something that could put a smile on our face and let us feel like a real princess! Every woman dreams of being loved and taken cared of. We’re waiting for somebody who can fill our hearts with joy and laughter.

Evynne Hollens is a female vocalist from Eugene, Oregon. Her name is the first word in the first chapter of the book Pitch Perfect on which the title of the movie is based. She’s married to Peter Hollens and has two sons which are so cute. Evynne is blessed with an incredible voice which is a real God-given talent that everyone adores! Evynne is the real Broadway as she sings Someday My Prince Will Come, with such a sweet beautiful voice. It was a mother and son magical moment where Evynne is dressed as Snow White together with his little boy as the prince overloaded with cuteness.

Watch the video and be part of an amazing mother-son magical moment. Imagine yourself waiting for your prince as Evynne’s sweet and lovely voice gives you the feeling of being inspired. Grab your magic wand and start making your dreams come true!

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