Ex Gang Leader Brings Harm To People, Now Brings Life Through Jesus

We have been given numerous chances to repent from our sins and we are lucky to have a forgiving God. Deep inside we know how cruel we are realizing all the sins that we have made. The Holy Bible always reminds us that it is not yet late to ask for forgiveness if we made something wrong to others. We are always encouraged to turn away from our sins and be a person God has ever wanted us to be.

Rene Martinez famously known as Level grew up in Leisure City, Florida. He grew up without a dad yet everything in life was so easy for him. His mom is a member of Santeria performing witchcraft activities and tend to offer animal sacrifices for him. When Level turned 12, he got involved in crimes such as breaking into homes, shootings and stealing guns. In 1990 he formed a gang named Latin Syndicate and he became the leader of it. Later on, he left his old way of living when he became a dad and in order for him to provide the needs of his family, he pursued bare-knuckle fighting and joined mixed martial arts.

Level became successful for winning numerous encounter but despite having money and power, he still feels empty within. His mother became a Christian and she was praying steadfastly for her son. God touched Level’s heart and he was transformed. He started visiting jails to share the word of God. He tells people about the great testimony of his life and how he accepted Jesus in his life.

‘I’m Giving Them Jesus’: Former Gang Leader Brings Life to Communities He Once Terrorized

‘I’m Giving Them Jesus’: Former Gang Leader Brings Life to Communities He Once Terrorized

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