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Ex-Victoria’s Secret Model Turns To Jesus, Going on a Mission to Help Women Know God’s Purpose

Nicole Weider found success in the fashion model industry when she moved to Los Angeles from Salem, Oregon at the age of 17. She gained recognition for her cover spreads on fashion magazines and men’s magazine including Maxim. Weider was a lingerie model in Hollywood and even posed for the famous Victoria’s Secret. With all these achievements, one would think she lived a great life. On the contrary, it was terrible and it was during a low point in her life that she turned to Jesus.

Weider left the lucrative modeling career because she realized that it’s all about objectification. She said the modeling industry “wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be” since she felt “really objectified.”

“It was hurting my self-esteem and it was harmful, and so I realized I wanted more for my life and I didn’t just want to focus on my outer appearance,” she told Fox & Friends in a recent guest appearance.

When asked when she decided to follow Jesus, Weider said it was during a low point in her life. Her friend told her about Jesus and she wanted to give her life to him and once she did many great things happened afterward.

“All of these amazing things happened and God is so wonderful and amazing,” Weider revealed.

On her website, the mom-of-one says that she discovered through the ups and downs of her career. It was then she realized that God had bigger things planned for her life. She kissed modeling goodbye and pursued choices that allowed her to fully honor God.


It can be super easy to get distracted when pursuing a big goal or dream. In fact many people who you come across or even know, might not even mean to do this, but can try and take you off course without even realizing it themselves. . All of the great leaders today and in the past have stayed the course and stayed focused. ⚡️It can be so hard to do though. For instance, I got an opportunity yesterday to have the potential to be a brand rep for some companies. It was a nice offer, but that is so not what I want to be doing. This person didn’t really know my main goals or objectives so I just politely told him. Or some people might just want a lot of your time, but you HAVE to stay focused. Watch what you say yes to. Of course if they’re a part of your team or you might be paid for an opportunity that is totally different. But just be mindful of different routes some people want you to take. It can be SO easy to get distracted. . Are you committed to staying on course? Let me know if you’re on track or if you needed this reminder! 🙋🏽‍♀️🎉

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Now, Weider is the editor-in-chief of “Project Inspired,” an online community she founded to help women realize that they are beautiful just as God created them. She has also appeared in several faith-based movies including “Catching Fire 2,” which she also produces.

Talking about the movie, she said the country needs to see more films that have more wholesome messages and teach the good-old-fashioned family values. She feels people need to watch quality films that are inspiring.

Former Model Shares Dark Side of Glamorous Life

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