Faith Based Movie Of A Mother Proves Prayer Can Move Mountains, Must...

Faith Based Movie Of A Mother Proves Prayer Can Move Mountains, Must Watch Heart Melting Story!

Unexpected things happen as people are being tested of their faith. We don’t expect things to happen the way we want it to be. Today we may be fine, but we can’t predict what our future holds. Worst things come and it usually weakens our faith, it destroys our whole being. The enemy destroys us through our weaknesses and it attacks any time of the day. It tests how a firm is our faith in God.

Breakthrough is a faith-based movie with an inspirational story written by Grant Nieporte. They just released a must watch trailer directed by Roxann Dawson with an amazing plot. It is based on a story of a mother who almost lost his adopted son’s life wherein her faith was tested by odds. John is a 14-year-old boy who fell on the icy lake of Missouri and was lifeless for an hour. He was rushed to the hospital where the doctors performed CPR and did everything that they could to revive him. His mother, Joyce Smith refused to give up even when she knew that John is already dead for an hour. But instead, her faith was strong and she laid everything to the Lord.

In times like this, a mother who kept believing that her son will still live is incredible. She requested the whole city to pray for them because she believes that prayer can move mountains. The mission of the movie is to touch a million lives and keep up the faith in each one of us. The Holy Bible says that for with God, nothing is impossible. Have you experienced the worst things in your life and think of giving up? Pray to God and ask for His heavenly power, keep up your faith because God conquers all.

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