LifestyleFamily Of Organ Donor Meets Heart Recipient By Chance, Heart Melt Moment!

Family Of Organ Donor Meets Heart Recipient By Chance, Heart Melt Moment!

Many people die young and we never get to know or hear anything about them anymore. Yet in very rare cases we get a glimmer of how they are doing.

Just like the story of Donovan, an organ donor who passed away at the age of 13. He sent a message to home through a heartbeat. You see, his heart was transplanted to an older man whose heart was failing. The heart transplant was successful and the recipient got a new lease on life but as a rule, they are not allowed to share any identifying information. However, Donovan’s sister sent a picture to the recipient so that he could at least get to see the face of the person who gave him another day to live.

In a divine appointment, both parties were at the St. Louis Cardinals “Donate An Organ” day. The recipient family recognized Donovan’s family for they were wearing shirts with his face on it. The donee approached the family and introduced himself. He then allowed Donovan’s family to listen to his heartbeat. Hearing the beating heart of Donovan comforted his bereaved family members. They now know for certain that Donovan is happy and at peace in heaven.

As the Psalmist has said “As for man, his days are like grass—

he blooms like a flower of the field;

when the wind passes over, it vanishes,

and its place remembers it no more.

But as for Donovan, he has left a legacy. He has left behind his heart so that another could go on living though he no longer lives. What a great gift! Surely, only God could perform such an act of love. Watch the video and see how God made life to continue on…

Heart Recipient Meets Donor’s Family In Random Coincidence | Humankind

Donovan’s family was honoring his legacy as an organ donor by wearing t-shirts to a baseball game that showed their baby brother’s handsome face. “Are you Donovan’s family?” asked a complete stranger, who happened to be standing next to the man who had Donovan’s heart beating in his chest.

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