Famous Adult Film Star Became Christian When Heard God’s Voice During Flight

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God yet our Father doesn’t get tired of forgiving. People may think that it’s already too late for them to repent for they are already drowned of their sins. Repentance comes from the heart and means that you’re willing to stop sinning for the love of God.

Brittaney Della Mora started doing adult films at a young age of 18. She lived a life full of rejections and always feel like being neglected. She had a hard time to determine what real happiness is. This is when the enemy had a chance to enter her life. She started working in strip clubs and was offered to shoot for x-rated movies that gave her fame and money.

At first, she thought everything that she has will give her happiness and contentment. She smiles at the public but deep inside she cries and used drugs in order to cope with her depression. She tried attending church with her grandpa thinking that this is the only way for her to recover having a life full of sins and depression. But then she still ends up coming back to what she used to do.

It was on her flight to Los Angeles when the voice of the Lord spoke to her and let her read the Bible. It was by then when she realized how sexual immorality is against God’s commandment. She cried and asked for forgiveness, she stopped all of her connections to the porn industry and became a woman of God. She also met her husband Richard who became her partner in God’s ministry.

Asking for forgiveness to God is the best way to start your relationship with Him. Our Father is a forgiving God and He will not let you live in darkness. We may acquire all possessions in the world but we’re still unhappy. Having Jesus as the center of your life is what true happiness means. Do not focus on the things that the world offers you for these are temporary but set your eyes on heavenly things for this will give you permanent and everlasting joy.

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