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Father-less Boy Got Bullied In School Strived Hard And Achieved Success, Inspiring Story!

Success is achieving your goals in life no matter how hard it is. We tend to capture our dreams every single day by working hard. As we tackle our journey in life, it’s not always easy. We encounter a lot of circumstances that will let us feel down and miserable. You need to be equipped to fight hardships that will come along the way.

Dan Lok was born in Hong Kong and finally migrated to Canada with his mom at the age of 14. There’s only 3 Chinese kids at their school and most of the time he was bullied because he can’t speak English. He lived in his shadow for so long and he was scared almost everyday of his childhood life. His parents got divorced and his dad filed bankruptcy. It was the very first that he saw his mom in tears and was hurt real bad. Knowing that he can’t do anything because he was still young and do not have the ability to do so gave him a heavy heart. Years passed and he strived harder until finally he got a good paying job. He received a news from his dad knowing that his father is sick.

His dad passed away without giving Dan Lok the chance to say anything. This served as the biggest regret in his life. He then realized that success is not just anything that you live for. You may be abundant with wealth or anything that you need is provided, but the family still matters a lot. Your loved ones are priceless and precious than any material thing in this world. They could have done something wrong to you but make sure to learn how to forgive while you still have the chance to do so. Forgive people just as Jesus forgave us with our sins.

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Homesick, bankrupt, and father-less, young Dan Lok was devastated when he arrived home one day to find his mom in tears. His riveting coming-of-age story will inspire you to put your best foot…

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