Father & Son Separated For 37 Years Now Finally Had Their Heart Melting Reunion

We cannot choose who is family will be because they are God’s gift to us. In moments that we feel like the whole world is against us, the love of our family will always be consistent. In times that we experience desperate moments in life, the first person that we can talk to is our family. Their love is unconditional and whatever it is that makes our heart heavy, for sure they will truly understand. A family is the basic unit of the community and all positive traits that we need to learn are expected to start at home. A family should be united all the time and the bond grows stronger as time goes by.

Lamar has a very emotional story when we talk about family. A story untold but was a tough one. Lamar got separated from his dad for 37 long years due to some circumstances in life. He grew up without somebody who supposed to teach him how to fight the battles in life. He grew up without a father who’s supposed to protect him every time he encounters fights with his playmates. Nobody was there to teach him how to be strong in times of hardships in life. His father wasn’t there to teach him how to be a good father someday. During his 45th birthday, Lamar’s friends came up to a plan of giving him a surprise that he will never forget. A surprise that would make his birthday truly special.

Lamar’s friends planned to let his father show up on his birthday. When Lamar saw his daddy, he burst in tears and he couldn’t refrain from crying. His emotions were uncontrollable realizing that it was 37 long years since they catch up. He was young then the last time that he saw his father and seeing him on his birthday is such a great blessing. Happiness can be seen in his eyes and his heart was filled with joy. He missed his father a lot and the hugs from both of them were so tight that nobody wants to let go. Watch the video that we prepared and reflect on the lesson that you can get. Let your father know how much you love them while they’re still right beside you.

Emotional Moment When Man Sees His Father For The First Time In 37 Years!
Emotional Moment When Man Sees His Father For The First Time In 37 Years!

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