Florida Church pushes to get members vaccinated after 6 die from COVID-19 in 10 days

In the last 10 days Impact Church in Florida has had six members who have passed away from Covid-19, four of them were under the age of 35, all of them were healthy and the only thing they had in common each of them were not vaccinated. 15 to 20 members are in the hospital, another 10 or so at home with the virus, and 3 to 5 vaccinated members also tested positive.

Around 800 people were vaccinated at the March event. Now the church is pushing to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

When asked by Christian Post about how important it was for churches to help get people vaccinated, Davis responded that he felt it was “a tough question” since there are “some churches that don’t believe that you should take the vaccination at all.”

“We are a faith-teaching church. We are a faith-believing church. We believe in divine healing,” Davis noted. “But, I just happen to believe that faith and science are not at odds, especially medical science.”

“God gives wisdom to doctors and scientists to come up with cures for the body,” he continued. “And when cures are available and they have not proven to be detrimental, I believe it’s wise for us to take advantage of them.”

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