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Florida Teens Drift Out To Sea Cry Out To God Who Sends ‘The Amen’ To The Rescue

A pair of teens from Florida who got stranded at sea that ended up thanking God for their rescue. Tyler Smith and Heather Brown were enjoying a day of swimming at Vilano Beach when to their surprise, they had drifted two miles from shore. They immediately recognized the danger of the situation and their response was to seek help from God.

Providentially, after asking God’s help, they began wading in the water for a time when they saw “The Amen”—a boat captained by Eric Wagner that was traveling from South Florida to New Jersey. Brown saw the boat and tried to get to it when the crew eventually noticed them in the water, drew closer, and pulled them aboard.

Captain Wagner tells how he heard a scream in the distance; when he reached the desperate teens, Smith told him how he cried out to God then the boat came into view. The teens were a little shaken up but no worse for wear. They are convinced that God rescued them because of the timing: They brought their fears to God and were rescued. They are much wiser now from the experience through giving God the glory for their deliverance.

It is refreshing to see two teenagers thank God for their blessings rather than attribute it to luck. As Christians, we know that there is no luck, so the good things that happen are gifts from God. May we learn to praise the Lord more for such blessings as a testimony to the benevolent hand of God upon us and shine the light of the glory of God to the world.

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