TestimoniesFormer Adult Film Star Shares Her Story of How God Saved Her

Former Adult Film Star Shares Her Story of How God Saved Her

This is a story of a life changed by the word of God! Hear the testimony of this former adult film star and how God redeemed her from the life of sin.

Brittni De La Mora was an adult film star who started filming her first adult film when she was only 18 years old. She started as a dancer in a strip club during her freshmen year. Although dancing at a strip club helped her pay her tuition, there was more to stripping and adult films than money. It is a bigger reason that probably most of us can relate to.

All her life, Brittni felt like she was rejected and not good enough. However, the applause and the attention that came along her stripping filled that longing, temporarily.

 “The cheering and the applause made me feel good. It made me feel affirmed because I lived a life where I always felt like I was rejected, and like I wasn’t good enough, and I didn’t belong.”

Rejection, not being able to live upon other people’s standards and the feeling of unbelongingness were Brittni’s primary issues why she enjoyed the attention given along with living such a promiscuous life. If you sum up these three, it all falls down to this one thing: INSECURITY. These insecurities have caused Brittni to continue living a life of sin.

However, if you come to think of it, Brittni’s not the only one having this kind of issues. The reality is all of us does. You know for a fact that for once you felt rejected, you felt not good enough, and you felt like you do not belong. All of us, for once, have struggled, or maybe for some are still struggling, with these same insecurities that have caused Brittni to continue living a life of sin. Maybe most of us, if not all, are like Brittni who tried to look for things that will fill that void in our hearts. But no matter how we try, nothing can fill that void, not even the loudest applause offered by the world.

“And although publicly I was smiling, internally I was hurting and I was crying, and I didn’t tell anybody.”

Brittni started to feel depressed and she began to hate herself. She tried to get through each day with the high given by drugs and she came to the point of questioning the purpose of her existence.  Brittni was at her lowest when she decided to go to church with her grandfather. That moment her hopes were renewed. Brittni accepted Jesus in her life and even got herself a Bible. However, she didn’t return to church after that day and returned to her old promiscuous life. She continued to live in darkness, not until one day.

She was about to fly to Las Vegas to shoot a film when she heard a voice telling her to bring her Bible. So she did and during her flight, God spoke to her through this verse from Revelation 2:20, “Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching, she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols.”

Brittni acknowledged her sinfulness and began to ask God for forgiveness. She left her old life behind and started to live her life for God. Brittni was never the same person again after that encounter. She began to live her life for Jesus.

Brittni’s story is a story of God’s pursuit for us and the power of the Gospel to change everyone who believes in His word. Her redemption is a testimony that God is still in the business of changing peoples’ lives. The hole that Brittni was trying to fill with a lot of things were filled totally and permanently by Jesus.

 “Through Christ, I am able to see myself with love because for the first time in my life I had found real true love. And it felt so good to know that not only did my Creator love me, but that He could love me even after every mistake I’d made in life, after every sin that I had committed, just after everything, like, He loved me through it all. And that was a love so deep that I didn’t even know existed.”

So whatever longing and insecurities that you have right now, God is able to get you through all of that. Just like how He pursued Brittni, he is also pursuing you. Just like how he forgave Brittni, he is also willing to forgive you if you ask Him.

Now, Brittni is leading a ministry with her husband. Who would have thought that a former adult film star will be called by God to preach the gospel? Brittni’s story is a very powerful testimony of redemption.

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